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Method Updates - February 1st, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Implemented sync retry algorithm, improving performance of QBO sync (PL-8229)

  • Intuit Payments for QBO is now supported on Donor Pages (PL-9328)

  • Added the ability to reference URLs stored in action results & screen controls when using the Go To Web Page action (PL-9329)

  • Updated style of Designer and removed the top & right side navigation menus  (PL-9465)


  • Fixed syncing of QBO item bundles that contained items with decimal quantities (PL-9172)

  • Fixed an issue preventing changes only syncs from being run on some accounts (PL-9156)

  • Fixed inconsistent sync history settings between Classic and New for toggled QBDT accounts (PL-8381)

  • Fixed an issue that was opening a safari tab when signing into an account in the iOS app (PL-9563)

  • Fixed Google Calendar background sync so that calendars sync automatically as expected (PL-9624)

  • Stopped overwriting vendor tax ID with a masked value in QBO (PL-9052)

  • Estimate status will be updated to "Closed" when converting to an invoice for QBO accounts (PL-7316)

  • Fixed Save & New clearing out all default fields on New Opportunity Screen (PL-9369)

  • Updated "SectionEmailSent" section on the Edit Activity screen to read "Previous Email" (PL-9368)

  • Fixed an experience where some users were able to save activities with a Due Date earlier than the activity start date (PL-9226)

  • Delete button would appear for some users when adding a new item to a donation before it was created (PL-9549)

  • Activities related to a case would sometimes throw an error at runtime when the app ribbon was clicked (PL-9525)

  • Activities related to a contact would sometimes throw an error at runtime when the app ribbon was clicked (PL-9589)

  • Some users experienced action sequence errors in the New / Edit Payment screen related to changes in the CreditCardProcessing Action (PL-9667)

  • Fixed issue causing the ‘In List’ comparison to return records having field values of null (PL-9421)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from being able to select required fields in the Retrieve Value From Table action (PL-9364)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from deleting records using a selection criteria referencing drop down values (PL-9359)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from re-ordering columns in a grid (PL-9293)

  • Fixed issue in criteria builder causing table fields to be displayed within the right hand side drop down (PL-9429)

  • Fixed issue in criteria builder preventing the default value of Yes/No to be saved (PL-9545)

  • Fixed issue preventing app developers from selecting the payment widget in the Assign Value to Action Result action (PL-9526)




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