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Method Updates - February 23rd, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Fixed issue preventing app installations from installing required fields for apps (PL-9850)
  • Fixed issue causing the ‘Compare As’ drop down to be displayed in criteria builder when using a comparison of Is Empty or Is Not Empty (PL-9764)
  • Fixed issue with action results & controls not displaying correctly in the Show Message action (PL-9912)
  • Fixed issue with control drop down not filtering search results in the Show Message action (PL-9911)
  • Fixed issue preventing the current version of a screen not being displayed correctly in Designer (PL-9946)
  • Fixed issue causing disabled drop downs to become enabled on click (PL-9947)
  • Fixed padding inside of the Payment Widget (PL-9940)
  • Fixed issue preventing live screen versions from displaying on public pages (PL-9936)
  • Fixed issue preventing users from copying the Guest - View Estimate screen (PL-9938)
  • Fixed issue preventing users from deleting records using a selection criteria referencing a field record ID (PL-9917)
  • Fixed issue preventing newly attached files to be included on sent emails (PL-9602)
  • Fixed issue preventing the Set Focus action from running when used in screen load or onfocus events (PL-9960)
  • Fixed issue preventing users from adding filtering to app snapshots (PL-10095)
  • Fixed issue causing date picker captions to not display in bold when viewed on a mobile device (PL-10169)
  • Fixed issue preventing app developers from using action results in the Set Active Record ID action (PL-10170)
  • Fixed issue preventing users from modifying portal navigation links in Designer (PL-10177)




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