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Method Updates - March 2nd, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders and Receipts now support QuickBooks Price Levels (PL-4180)
  • General QuickBooks Online sync performance improvements for record creation, modification and deletion (PL-8227)


  • Fixed an issue with using MIURL link to access Method Classic on mobile devices (PL-9944)
  • Fixed issues that may have caused errors when accessing Preferences (PL-10083, PL-9884)
  • Fixed an issue with testing email preferences when using Office 365 (PL-9854)
  • Fixed an issue where users who did not have multiple accounts were seeing the option to Switch Account in the right menu. (PL-9443)
  • Fixed issues for the Method Classic Calendar related to daylight savings time. (PL-9294)
  • Fixed an issue causing QBDT sync to fail when a report was too large (PL-8873)
  • Fixed an issue that was calculating tax rates incorrectly on some QBO Global accounts (PL-9445)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the sync engine to crash for some users (PL-9564)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Gmail Gadget to hide sales receipts for Method New users (PL-9761)
  • Fixed an issue that was calculating totals incorrectly when an invoice included a subtotal and a discount line (PL-9760)
  • Fixed an issue with Google Calendar that would show 2 contradicting sync result messages in some situations (PL-9812)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the print in group value from syncing for QBO bundles (PL-10014)
  • QBO USA and QBO Global are now able to view Estimate Statuses on the Estimate List (PL-9713)
  • Fixed issue when Sales Receipt rates were showing 5 decimal places (PL-9651)
  • Fixed issues where some users we’re receiving more than 5 test emails when using the Email Campaign’s app (PL-9996)
  • Fixed issue where some users of QBO Global were unable to view their Sales Receipts (PL-10144)



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