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Method Updates - March 16th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

  • Greatly reduced sync time of records to QBO when making changes via Method’s API (PL-8227)

  • Added ability to export data from a grid (PL-4923)

  • Added a new action to allow app developers to expand & collapse sections (PL-9490)

  • Added a new action to allow app developers to open the right panel to display system panels (PL-6690)

  • Increased character limit on tags to 50 (PL-9502)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the iOS and Android apps to crash when selecting a link in some cases (PL-9276, PL-9249)

  • Fixed QBO sync so that tokens are refreshed automatically as expected removing the need for users to reconnect every 6 months (PL-9923)

  • Fixed an issue that was creating DeleteFromDesktop conflicts when transaction history was lowered on QBDT account (PL-10013)

  • Fixed an issue with payments auto-applying regardless of selection for QBDT accounts (PL-10207)

  • Fixed an issue that was falsely flagging some users’ Google Calendar connections as expired and preventing sync (PL-10235)

  • Fixed an issue where signup and signin would show an unsecure connection warning for some users (PL-10218)

  • Fixed issue preventing checkboxes & radio buttons from gaining focus when tabbing through the UI (PL-7555)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from editing fields within the Tables & Fields screen (PL-10253)

  • Fixed issue preventing In List & Not In List comparisons from evaluating correctly (PL-10365)

  • Fixed issue with conditional statements causing runtime error when comparing a number with a blank value (PL-10298)

  • Fixed issue with Update Value In Table causing an error when trying to update a date field with a blank value (PL-10301)

  • Fixed issue with Generate Report action failing causing an error when using a Shared User variable in the selection criteria (PL-10395)

  • Fixed issue causing loop values to become unselectable when using a loop through grids inside of another loop through grid (PL-10416)  



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