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Method Updates - March 29th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Added an attachments control to designer, which allows users to attach multiple files to a recordID using drag & drop functionality (PL-5875)

  • Fresh re-design to opportunities app using a New / Edit Opportunity screen(PL-9863)

  • Added support for print templates on Purchase Orders for both QBO and QBD (PL- PL-10756)

  • Improved the Send Email action to allow app developers to include attachments added using the new attachment control (PL-5875)


  • Fixed issue with users not getting directed to the correct screen when using Sign In With Google. (PL-9296)

  • Improved handling of ambiguous addresses when plotting map point. (PL-9285)

  • Fixed issue that caused newly created app ribbons to error on click (PL-10490)

  • Fixed issue causing grid views from being displayed in the order that they are defined in Designer (PL-10412)

  • Fixed issue with the Insert Values Into Table action displaying Linked Fields (PL-10104)

  • Fixed issue with the Update Values On Screen action filtering out fields from grids (PL-10105)

  • Fixed issue preventing users from editing existing Credit Card Processing actions (PL-10582)

  • Fixed issue related to Auto-Apply Payments on Receive Payments App Impacting some Users (PL-XXXX)




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