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Method Updates - May 11th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Added ability for app developers to validate text input fields:  Four new validation rules will allow app developers to define if a text input field is required, contains a valid email address, as well as the minimum and maximum characters (PL-9414)

  • Added Help icon to top nav making it easier to find product help (PL11221)

  • Added loading indicators on initial app loads (PL-11180)

  • New and Improved help center (PL-11313)

  • New and Improved look to the Donations App (PL-9862)

  • Method Sync Engine Updated to v2.0.0.22 with the following changes:

    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Method Sync Engine from posting changes made in QuickBooks to Method in real-time (PL-10662)

    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Method Sync Engine from switching to the correct Method account automatically when the QuickBooks company file was changed (PL-10765)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing synchronization of data from Method multi-tenant accounts to QuickBooks Online (PL-10947)
  • Fixed issue with expressions whereby the 0 is truncated when concatenating two values (PL-10957)

  • Fixed issue with conditionals not evaluating correctly when comparing against blank text (PL-11063)

  • Fixed issue causing sections with a load state of disabled to load incorrectly (PL-11156)

  • Improved visibility of accept/reject icons in Manage Tags (PL-10666)

  • Fixed issue with radio button getting cut off on invite user screen (PL-10930)

  • Fixed issue where the New/Edit Bill screen is not cleared after save (PL-8710)

  • Fixed issue where the Email Campaign List was not showing Column Headers when selecting settings (PL-9000)

  • Fixed issue where the Classes App sometimes would not save new classes and provide an error to users (PL-8910)

  • Fixed issue where Sub-Classes were being created by default on some occasions inside of the classes app (PL-11417)

  • Fixed issue where selecting a Customer Address in Purchase orders did not always populate the shipping address (PL-11197)

  • Fixed issue on Donor Pages where the Thank you page was not loading (PL-11540)

  • Fixed issue for QuickBooks Online USA where rate could be modified for Bundles (PL-10890)


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