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Method Updates - July 26th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • New and Improved import wizard for Customers and Leads. (PL-10446)

  • Error Messages Pop-ups have been revamped to show error messages in a clearer format to users (PL-12212)

  • Improved UI for Portal Pages (Sales Receipts & Donations)

  • Improved UI for Contacts App


  • Fixed issue with sync conflicts not reappearing after performing a sync following a Clear All on Sync Conflicts (PL-12000)

  • Fixed issue where valid calls to the API return "Your 1 calls in the last minute exceed the maximum API usage of 0 per minute."  (PL-12390)

  • Fixed issue with adjusting app tile colours and position for multi-tenancy accounts. (PL-12018)

  • Fixed issue with guest login after resetting passed for guest users. (PL-12457)  

  • Adjust size of help (?) icon. (PL-11909)

  • Unable to create a linked field between Vendor and Customer tables (PL-12217)

  • Under some cases, the Contact dropdown became disabled after creating a new contact when creating or editing an Opportunity. (PL-11912)

  • An error occurs for the Donor app when testing with Payments disabled. (PL-12407)

  • Fixed issue when copying a Grid, column actions kept the result from the original grid (PL-12273)

  • Fixed issue using Tags in a View Filter for a Grid was throwing an error. (PL-3648)

  • Fixed issue when Loop values were not refreshed after a new field was added to a table (PL-9435)

  • In Internet Explorer 11, the Show Message Action popup was shown on the right and not in the centre of the page (PL-12248)

  • RecordID should be excluded from Insert/Update tables actions (PL-9537)

  • Fixed issue when using the Prepare for Accounting action, the fields drop down was empty when used inside a loop (PL-9341)

  • Under some cases, customizing the Item List screen and selecting to duplicate the ItemList grid did not work. (PL-12507)
  • Using 'Primary' or 'Secondary' Background colours on a button menu was not displaying the same colouring as a regular button. (PL-12508)

  • Under some cases, the Web To Lead form displayed a vertical border  (PL-12506)

  • Under some cases, adding actions to OnFocus prevented users from actually selecting to put the cursor in focus on that control (PL-12108)

  • Under some cases, users were unable to Copy Screens. Click events on buttons would be unavailable. (PL-12594)

  • Fixed issue when a Save action was triggered on a screen. The Active Record Change actions were fired off even if the Record ID does not change.  (PL-12688)

  • Some QBD Users were not able to see the sales rep field in the Contacts App (PL-12581)

  • Some QBO Users were seeing invalid options for tax on Sales Receipts (PL-12093)

  • Customer Field was not available in the Contacts List (PL-12618)

  • QBD Users that have items with unit of measure we’re experiencing conflicts in some scenarios(PL-12448)

  • Payment on Customer portal was not updating the customer name correctly on screen for some users (PL-12738)

  • RecordID field was not available in the Email Templates app (PL-12755)

  • Some users of QBO Estimates were seeing extra fields on screen(PL-12573)
  • QBD - Error generated when an Alternate Contact was deleted (PL-12069)

  • QBD - Price Levels were added to the Contacts App (PL-12609)

  • Improved show message in the Payment Portal when a payment has been accepted (PL-11917)

  • QBO - First name is no longer a required field in the Contacts App (PL-9375)

  • Improved description of the Sales Orders App (PL-12454)

  • Mobile users were unable to create payments from the Contacts Portal (PL-12597)
  • Ship Address formating on sales Orders has been improved (PL-12724)

  • Lead Status / Rating / Source is now available on the Contacts App (PL-4169)

  • Validation not set up on the Twitter (PL-9384)

  • Contact List screen did not have a RecordID width (PL-7017)

  • Improved the Lead Deletion Experience (PL-10060)

  • Error when Deleting a Lead and Clicking back link from grid (PL-10068)
  • Removed "Expense Account" from Validation on Non-Inventory Items (PL-12777)

  • Import Link updated on Contacts App (PL-12768)

  • Fixed issue with incorrect values being set on occurances when using Insert Recurrence Date (PL-12209)



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