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Method Updates - Aug 16th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Improved Charts feature in designer including improved workflows, the introduction of Area and Donut charts, and the ability to select from a palette of colors. (PL-12155)


  • Fixed issue with setting multi-tenant access permissions for users. (PL-12786)

  • Fixed issue with Grids where All Rows on ALL grids on screen (regardless of the table-based on) were being selected (PL-12769)

  • Fixed issue where the Intuit QB Payment Gateway was not functioning (PL-12032)

  • Fixed issue where Mobile Screen Grids do not show Checkbox columns properly (PL-11385)

  • Fixed issue where QuickBooks Desktop custom fields on Customer entity are not being updated when modified and saved in Method:Mew (PL-11919)

  • Fixed issue where a Method-only custom field on a Sales Receipt is cleared after sync (PL-12269)

  • Fixed issue where users are unable to connect to Google Calendar from Method:New (PL-12657)

  • Fixed issue with clearing Tax Item in Method:New and Method:Classic (PL-9791)

  • Fixed issue with Transaction history not updating from Method:Classic to Method:New (PL-10456)

  • Fixed issue with sync’ing NULL values is QuickBooks Desktop custom fields (PL-12449)

  • Improved text on “Get Started With Method” to address confusion with sync completion. (PL-11930)




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