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Method Updates - Oct 18th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features

  • Update “Get More Apps” tile on the Dashboard (PL-13367)
  • Added count of skipped records when importing customers and leads (PL-12684)
  • Beta version of our new Data Table control for transaction screens (PL-13031)
  • Fixed a bug causing a sync conflict when objects are not sync’ed in the correct order (PL-13471)
  • Fixed signup error message displayed to user with existing Method logins. (PL-13370)
  • Fixed issue where launching Method from QuickBooks would not go directly into account if multiple accounts existed. (PL-13675)
  • Fixed issue with right panel not closing when another panel is launched. (PL-13494,PL-12237)
  • Fixed issue with the Cases App sometimes not respecting preferences (PL-11130. PL-14051)
  • Fixed issue where clicking an email link opened an additional window (PL-4142)
  • Fixed issue where the RecordID was not visible in the contacts list when unhidden (PL-7017)
  • Fixed issue where some versions of the Purchase Order where pulling “sales tax” (PL-11710)
  • Fixed issue where date was not updated when an Estimate was converted to an Invoice (PL-13671)
  • Updated delete service item message to provide additional information on the delete (PL-14061)
  • Fixed issue where case number would show up on screens where users did not have access to cases (PL-13611)



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