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Method Updates - Oct 26th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features

  • Improved Permissions for the Contacts App
  • Improved Portal experience for Vendors


  • Fixed issue where the email link sometimes opened an extra browser tab (PL-4142)
  • Updated available preferences for Donations App (PL-4706)
  • Fixed issue where the recordID was not available in some versions of the Contacts list (PL-7017)
  • Fixed issue where email notifications were sometimes not sent from Opportunities (PL-11022)
  • Updated available preferences for Cases App (PL-11130)
  • Updated the activity list for some users who were unable to see the full contact name (PL-11393)
  • Updated Purchase Orders for some users who were using Purchase Sales Tax instead of Sales Tax (PL-11710)
  • Fixed the Donations App to show the full class name (PL-12576) 
  • Fixed issue where the RecordID field was not available in the Sales Receipt List (PL-12586)
  • Fixed issue where the auto-creation of follow-up activities was not being triggered (PL-12780)
  • Fixed issue where sales receipts - Amount not calculated when rate is created as a percentage (PL-12995) 
  • Fixed issue where the Edit Activity Email Section Not Showing when an email did not have a To address (PL-13160) 
  • Updated the donor page to capture the dedication when a donation is being processed (PL-13607) 
  • Fixed an issue where the Cases dropdown would show when the user did not have access to cases (PL-13611) 
  • Fixed issue where converting Estimate to Invoice, TxnDate did not update the transaction to the current date (PL-13671)
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to close follow up activity (PL-13672) 
  • Fixed some overlapping fields on New/Edit Purchase Order screens when using smaller screen (PL-13755) 
  • Improved the experience for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Global adding of bundles (PL-13853) 
  • Improved messaging on the Payments App when a payment has been processed. (PL-13855) 
  • Fixed issue where some QBO Global users experienced incorrect rates when amounts were Tax-Inclusive (PL-14043) 
  • Fixed issue where some users were not inserting Contact details (PL-14049)
  • Fixed issue where the New/Edit Case Activity expected a due date in some scenarios (PL-14051)
  • Fixed issue where users of the 'SYBUNT' report generated a test message instead of report (PL-14052)
  • Fixed issue when a new opportunity is created did not hide the follow up on Active Record Change (PL-14053) 
  • Fixed issue where Item warning message missing the text 'delete' in body when deleting an item (PL-14061) 
  • Fixed issue “CustomerRef” was not returned if Customer exists but contact does not (PL-14173) 
  • Fixed issue where the Contact Screen for some users was sending users to Google Maps with the incorrect location(PL-14276)
  • Fixed issue where the customer name and company name could exceed 41 characters (PL-14291)




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