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Method Updates - Nov 30th, 2017

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features

  • Enhanced Messaging on the Contacts App to provide a better explanation of the Customer / Vendor portal (PL-3711)
  • Added App-Ribbon support on Contacts for Bills and Purchase Orders (PL-14346)
  • Added App-Ribbon support on Sales Transactions for Activities
  • New look to the Cases and Email Campaigns App
  • Added Purchase Order support to the Contact Portal for Vendors
  • Improved integration with Authorize.Net - ACH and Credit Card processing (PL-14458)
  • Contacts without an image will now have letters avatars generated for them. (PL-12634)
  • Added ability to make a user an Admin when inviting a user via the Welcome screen. (PL-14358)
  • Active and Invited users now show up in the same list. (PL-14369)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online US were able to see Tax Items that were not applicable when creating new items inside of Method (PL-13965)
  • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online saw an Account Name “???” in selection lists as one of the options (PL-14135)
  • Fixed issue where changing the Contact on the Activity did not update the Name in QuickBooks on the screen (PL-14502)
  • Fixed issue where the padding on the calendar for IOS Mobile users was inconsistent (PL - 4413)
  • Fixed issue where the Contact Name was not correctly displayed for some users in the Activity Grid (PL - 11393)
  • Fixed issue when items were added to Bills and Purchase Orders a sync was being pushed (PL-14716)
  • Fixed issue where the “No Activities” view filter for Opportunities was showing incorrect results for some users (PL-14612)
  • Fixed issue where some version of the Bills and Purchase Order apps were listing items that were “Sales Items” and not “Purchase Items” (PL-13857)
  • Fixed issue where Bill Due Date was not updating when the terms of the Bill were changed (PL-13906)
  • Fixed issue where leaving the “Due In Days” blank on the Terms App created a sync conflict (PL-14338)
  • Fixed issue where the rate was not auto-populated for some Items for QBO users on the Sales Receipt App (PL-14196)
  • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online Global users were able to only add service items to Sales Receipts (PL-14325)
  • Fixed issue where some users of Sales Orders were unable to generate pdfs (PL-14278)
  • Fixed issue where non-posted Estimates were not being filtered for correctly (PL-14359)
  • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online users were unable to Clear & New a transaction (PL-11177)
  • Fixed issue where converting a Estimate to a Sales Order for QuickBooks Desktop users was duplicating Group Items (PL-14050)
  • Fixed issue where taxes were selectable in the Invoice footer for QuickBooks Online Global users (PL-12562)
  • Fixed issue where the Memo and Customer Message fields were not visible on mobile for Sales Orders (PL-14708)
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the Entity Name did not navigate you from the Activities App to the Contacts App (PL-14623)
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to edit the default status could not be edited or saved (PL-8885)
  • Fixed issue where some portal users were unable to Save Cases from the Portal (PL-8933)
  • Fixed issue where some users who clicked on “New Activity” from the Cases App were not being re-directed to the correct location (PL-14390)
  • Fixed issue where new activities were not inheriting the defaults when a new activity was created (PL-10850)
  • Fixed issue where sending an email from the “Send Email App” did not merge the Contact Portal URL (PL-11530)
  • Fixed issue where the Last Name was not inserted into the Customer or Vendor record from the New Contact screen (PL-14324)
  • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online users were unable to add a secondary contact to a Customer or Vendor (PL-14274)
  • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online Global saw the “Customer Since: 1/1/0001” in the Contact Profile (PL-14160)
  • Fixed issue where the import button was visible on the Contacts List when users were on Mobile devices (PL-14512)
  • Fixed issue where the contact image on the contacts list was offsetting the contact information (PL-14578)
  • Fixed issue where Email Campaigns was sending out 10 test emails instead of 5 test emails (PL-13670)
  • Fixed issue where users were able to change the status of Email Campaigns after it had been marked as completed (PL-14105)
  • Fixed issue where the Customer Type was visible for QuickBooks Online Users (PL-14553)
  • Modified the Location of the Contact Title Field to a more appropriate location (PL-14588)
  • Fixed issue where creating a follow-up for an email campaign sometimes did not show input fields correctly (PL-14719)
  • Fixed an issue with Grids, with deleted default views (PL-14266)
  • Fixed an issue where integer fields are displaying as decimals (PL-14574)
  • Fixed an issue with contact lists not following a fixed width (PL-14536)
  • Fixed an exclamation marks in action conditions preventing screen selection from showing (PL-14503)
  • Fixed an issue with linked fields in grids appearing as  a link (PL-13824)
  • Fixed an issue in designer where the right  hand panel collapses after search (PL-13824)
  • Fixed an issue where overnight activities were only showing on the second day’s calendar (PL-14139)
  • Fixed an issue where text was not visible while being typed in Mobile (PL-13542)
  • Fixed an issue where additional items were being blocked in an existing donation (PL-13490)
  • Fixed an issue where it appeared that Reference Numbers for Purchase Orders and Bills were not being created (PL-14518)
  • Fixed an issue with merged Customers in QuickBooks Online not being updated in Method under very specific scenarios (PL-13540)
  • Fixed issue with invited users where they would become active users when editing permissions (PL-14379)
  • Fixed issue where inviting users with invalid email address would cause the invite screen to freeze (PL-14618)




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