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Method Updates - Feb 1st, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features

  • Page Jump for Pagination - Default set as ON for all grids (PL-15421)
  • Buttons for Editable Grids (PL-15490)
  • In Action Editor,  changed the title of the "retrieve value From Email" action to "retrieve Value From Email Gadget"  (PL-15429)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Sales Tax Code validation on Sales Receipts was causing errors when Saving. (PL-15633)
  • Fixed issue where Item Cost was not appearing when selecting an Item on Bills. (PL-15634)
  • Fixed an issue where square brackets did not work on Editable Grids (PL-15500)
  • Fixed an issue to add the option of 5 as a minimum rows to be displayed in Editable Grids (PL-15361)
  • Fixed an issue with deleting the last line Item from transactions  (PL-15298)
  • Fixed an issue with customizing / add new fields to the Cases app  (PL-15241)
  • Fixed an issue with all day section on calendar (PL-15211)
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Invoices are created when selecting a contact when creating a new invoice.  (PL-15154)
  • Fixed an issue with downloading a csv file when exporting from grid  (PL-14987)
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile app where estimates were not loading (PL-14738)
  • Fixed the issue with the editability of the Description Field in the Activity Calendar (PL-13998)
  • Fixed an issue to re-enable Advanced Search on iPad  (PL-13719)
  • Fixed an issue on the Method Mobile app to re-enable the Calendar view  (PL-12822)
  • Fixed an issue with one of our monitoring systems (PL-15243)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Sync with Purchase Orders (PL-15041)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Sync with Account Expenses on Bills (PL-14764)




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