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Method Updates - Apr 4th, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with hidden values on Editable Grids (PL-15921)
  • Fixed an issue for SaasPhalt App customers (PL-16073)
  • Fixed an issue with override URL (PL-16158)
  • Fixed an error with loops through attachment action (PL-16249)
  • Fixed an error  with editable grids  where read-only fields not always displaying the true value (PL-16245)
  • Fixed and error  with contact search results does not reappear after re-typing search name in new/edit activity (PL-16236)
  • Fixed an error deleting a custom view from the 'all users' section of 'manage views' where it does not clear it from the backend (PL-16118)
  • Fixed and issue with grids where users could not add columns once they remove all columns (PL-16052)
  • Fixed an issue wirh manage views to remove the drop down title "Standard View" from System Pages Grid view selector (PL-15995)
  • Fixed an issue with grid selection on the Email Campaigns Select Contacts screen (PL-15848)
  • Fixed file attachment issues for multi-tenant accounts (PL-15801)
  • Fixed an issue where customers were unable to change and save the display format of DateTime fields on screen (PL-15732)
  • Fixed an issue with filtering drop downs on editable grids (PL-15653)
  • Fixed an issue with drop downs not working on mobile app on Ipad (PL-15522)
  • Fixed an issue where a column click event on a grid column only worked the first time it was trigger by a user (PL-15077)
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Order Line Descriptions randomly being switched around between items on the same Purchase Order on sync. (PL-16299)
  • Fixed an issue where the email campaign screen crashed when using Microsoft Edge (PL-16004)
  • Fixed an issue where Drop Downs occasionally lose focus (PL-15435)
  • Fixed issue with missing assignments when using peer to peer permissions (PL-15116)
  • Fixed issue with Import review screen filter dropdown causing errors (PL-15724)
  • Fixed issue where paging was being displayed on peer to peer grid even when only 1 page available (PL-15888)
  • Fixed issue that caused some users to be signed out during their session (PL-16239)
  • Fixed issue with generating cross tenant MIURLs for Multi-tenant accounts (PL-16285)




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