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Method Updates - June 7th, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Features

  • Updated the Calendar control, introducing a hover feature (PL-16734)
  • Preferences for Outlook Email Gadget are now open and exposed making it easy to find them (PL-16783)
  • For QuickBooks users that have Multi-currency activated, and use PayPal as a payment gateway, currency selection is now configurable within Preferences. (PL-16969)
  • Reports screen added to Sales Receipts app (PL-17196)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with validating SalesTaxCode when updating customers via the import tool. (PL-16492)
  • Fixed issue that caused 403 errors when accessing some of Method features such as Universal Search. (PL-16754)
  • Fixed issues exporting data to MailChimp when using a multi-tenant or regular account. (PL-16862, PL-16754)
  • Fixed spelling issues, and capitalization used in Action Editor so that capitalization is used consistently (PL-16128) 
  • Fixed an issue where shared users session variables were causing an error when used in a conditional statement (PL-17069)
  • Fixed an issue where QuickBooks Online custom fields had caused an issue with the invoice table (PL-17068)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online custom fields when a custom field name was the same as an existing field (PL-17067)
  • Fixed an issue with Show/Hide within an HTML object (PL-17039)
  • Fixed an issue with Editable Grids where hitting Save & New or Clear/ New shows pagination from previous records (PL-16965)
  • Fixed an issue changing the view on Grids with varying record counts creating "ghost" pages (PL-16921)
  • Fixed an issue where selected records (checkboxes) were not updated after a search (PL-16903)
  • Fixed an issue with Set View Filter action was breaking if a Runtime Filter ever existed on a grid (PL-16901)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Global where we were unable to sync any transactions with IsRatePercentage Flag as Yes for any of the line items (PL-16897)
  • Fixed an issue where the display of unbound images were corrupted for files with .png extension (PL-16876)
  • Fixed an issue in Transactions for one of the workflows, deleting 1 line item deleted 2 line items (PL-16867)
  • Fixed an issue with multiple Editable Grids on a screen, where actions referencing a particular editable grid will always automatically change and reference the first editable grid on screen. (PL-16818)
  • Fixed a user experience issues with app ribbons (PL-16781)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Textbox object background changes, under specific conditions (PL-16746)
  • Fixed an issue in Action Engine to rename Data Tables to Editable Grids (PL-16741)
  • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online sync where saving an item with a negative QOH flipped the quantity to positive (PL-16717)
  • Fixed an issue where Adding, then Deleting, then Adding an attachment in the opportunities app showed the user as null (PL-16713)
  • Fixed an issue with the Opportunities app, where an Oops error message displayed when there was no data for Charts (PL-16680)
  • Fixed an issue where attachments went missing if a transaction was created via contact app ribbon (PL-16675)
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a line item from the second page in an Editable Grid, didn't update pagination on records, resulting in the user being stuck on screen (PL-16665)
  • Fixed an issue when using Firefox, within the Contacts app, where you could not save website a website as because http:// was not auto-prefixed (PL-16600)
  • Fixed an issue with payment gateways clearing the value for default AR Account (PL-16594)
  • Fixed an issue where Purchase Order reports containing group items could not be opened (PL-16592)
  • Fixed an issue where rate values were changing (calculated incorrectly) when you switching between Inclusive/Exclusive for QuickBooks Online user in the UK(PL-16576)
  • Fixed the styling for UK Taxes where the Dropdown list was being cut off, for QuickBooks Online UK users (PL-16553)
  • Fixed an issue where DateTime merge fields in the Method:New platform were not including the time (PL-16525)
  • Fixed an issue where List / Not in List advanced search did not function correctly (PL-16495)
  • Fixed an issue with Editable Grids where column validation display was corrupted if a button column was added (PL-16457)
  • Fixed an issue when using Method on an iPad, where items were not loading upon opening the method account using safari and chrome (PL-16439)
  • Fixed an issue with custom dropdowns in the Customer table that are based on the Entity table where they were not saving values (PL-16430)
  • Fixed an issue with Editable Grids where drop down column display values was not retrieved to appear in show messages (PL-16425)
  • Fixed an issue with Bills - Unable to sync duplicate line items with modified attributes (PL-16424)
  • Fixed an issue where the Bound Image URL was modified every time after the Save action was used (PL-16329)
  • Fixed an issue with Authorize.Net on Method: Classic where the MerchantType was flipping from "CreditCard" from "eCheck" (PL-15950)
  • Fixed an issue SyncAPI - [spiderAccntngPref].[DateOfFirstFullSync] is updated on every successful sync (PL-15539)
  • Fixed a small layout issue within Action editor for a checkbox (PL-15498)
  • Fixed an issue where setting a customer inactive did not check for pending balance in QBO accounts (PL-14736)
  • Fixed an issue where the Campaign field was not hiding on the New Contact screen (PL-15851)
  • Fixed an issue where Amount Due was not updated for Purchase Orders and Bills on QBO accounts (PL-16145)
  • Fixed an issue where Vendor Lead was not an available new contact option in QBO accounts (PL-16802)
  • Fixed an issue with field validation on editable grids in Purchase Orders and Bills (PL-16266)
  • Fixed an issue with cause reports to be blank on QBO Global (PL-16426)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the currency column to be hidden on the New Contact screen for QBO UK accounts (PL-16465)
  • Fixed styling issues on Estimates and Purchase Orders for QBO UK (PL-16510)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when attempting to print a transaction on the Outlook Email Gadget (PL-16800)
  • Fixed an issue that caused CustomerName label to appear as a hyperlink in Donations app on QBO Global accounts (PL-17058)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Add Item link to show on Desktop screens in the Invoices app on QBO accounts (PL-17133)
  • Fixed an issue where Invoices are not marked as paid even though the balance is 0 (PL-16155)
  • Fixed an issue where taxes drop down was empty in the Sales Orders app on QBO Global (PL-16033)


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