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Method Updates - Jul 18, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Added Payment Processing to the Sales Receipts app (PL-4418)
  • Introducing new ways to view the calendar including monthly and list views, and standard, vertical and horizontal views (PL-17103)
  • Added some missing colors for buttons (PL-17345)


  • Fixed checkbox styles on Import tool to match rest of Method (PL-13445)
  • Fixed issue where import error was being displayed even though import was successful (PL-16584)
  • Fixed issue where some Activity reminders where not being sent for tenants of a multi-tenant account (PL-17437)
  • Fixed issue with users being able to create user names with commas (PL-6657)
  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes were misaligned on the chart configuration screen (PL-13450)
  • Fixed an issue with Bills where the value in Billable column for Accounts was clearing on clicking Save (PL-13901)
  • Fixed an issue when using Internet Explorer where the scroll bar overlapped text in the contacts list manage views dropdown (PL-15923)
  • Fixed an issue with the loop through grid action not processing all records  (PL-16718 and PL-16918)
  • Fixed an issue with Authorize.Net where error response returned an error (PL-17530)
  • Fixed captions and labels on the Activity Reports screen (PL-15811)
  • Fixed captions and labels on the Opportunity Reports screen (PL-17353)




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