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Method Updates - Aug 29, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.


  • Method:Sidebar will now show contact profile pictures (PL-16911)
  • Method:Sidebar now supports adding attachments for Method:New (PL-17165)
  • Method:Donations now has the ability to process payments (PL-3674)


  • Fixed issue with Method:Sidebar showing up multiple times under Profile > Connected Apps (PL-17440)
  • Fixed an issue where users were able to remove access to Contact Management (PL-17918)
  • Fixed issue with Outlook gadget that caused OtherName entity types to cause errors (PL-18071)
  • Fixed issue with URL redirects being cleared if an incorrect password was entered on login. (PL-5116)
  • Fixed an issue with Editable Grids where losing focus action executed twice (PL-18007)
  • Fixed an issue where activities assigned to usernames containing non-alphanumeric characters did not appear on the Method calendar object (PL-18001)
  • Fixed an issue when using Mozilla Firefox Date/Time was not displaying properly when changing the view filter (PL-17999)
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar was not showing all the hours in the day (PL-17971)
  • Fixed an issue where table actions did not load in the action editor when the entity table was selected (PL-17899)
  • Fixed an issue when uploading through attachment object, the file name changed (PL-17616)
  • Fixed an issue when adding a button column to an editable grid an error was produced when triggering a clear screen for new entry action (PL-17260)
  • Fixed an issue where the save all action on a change event for a column in an editable grid caused an error message (PL-16881)
  • Fixed an issue with the add tag field where validation is missing for duplication (PL-6252)
  • Fixed an issue where file validation messages were not providing user reason for file upload failure (PL-5890)




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