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Method Updates - Nov 08, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Feature

  • Within Invoices, there is now a Duplicate button, enabling the creation of a new invoice by copying an existing invoice (PL-19344)


  • Fixed issue with exporting a grid when rows are checked (PL-12605)
  • Fixed issue with grids on mobile where screen navigation would show hidden columns in some scenarios. (PL-12605)
  • Fixed issue with Contacts where the Twitter User Name field length was limited to 50 characters (PL-18861)
  • Fixed issue with the Contacts tile in the dashboard where the record count was sometimes incorrect (PL-17523)
  • Fixed issue when creating a new contact, focusing on the first name (PL-18998)
  • Fixrd issue when creating a new contact, where inactive users were appearing as options in the assigned to field (PL-19000)
  • Fixed issue with items where if an inventory item was a negative, the list of fields in the error message was improperly ordered (PL-17034)




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