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Method Updates - Dec 6th, 2018

The following updates are now live for users of Method.

New Feature

  • An updated Invoice Print Template is now available (PL-18063)


  • Fixed an issue with Generate Report action where it was not respecting "Optimize" checkbox. (PL-19117)
  • Fixed an issue with Screen Versions where in some scenarios they would not be displayed. (PL-19252) 
  • Fixed an issue with Payment Widget where an action execution error was returned instead of a response from the payment processor. (PL-19279)
  • Fixed an issue with MIURL not automatically taking a user into the account for Classic. (PL-18613)
  • Fixed an issue with the Free Email Limit template and increased the free limit to 5000 a month. (PL-19637)
  • Fixed an issue with Donations where the Thank You From Email field was generating an error (PL-19885)




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