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Method Updates - Dec 2019

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Go To Screen action now supports passing parameters to screens. (PL-24411)
  • Go To Screen action now support specifying where the screen will be loaded. (PL-24411)
  • App Routines now emails admins when they do not run as expected. (PL-24411)
  • Screen routines can now be converted to App Ribbons. (PL-24411)
  • New session variable "Company - Method Remaining Emails" that returns how many free emails are left for the billing cycle. (PL-24411)
  • New session variable "Company - Email Provider" that returns the company email providers. (PL-24411)
  • App Routines now support scheduling time blocks. (PL-24411)
  • Portals now support impersonating users, see the portal as a user would see it. (PL-24411)


  • QBO - Fix general sync error happening due to conflicts reaching maximum retries. (PL-25461)
  • QBDT - Allow Sales Receipt line items to sync even if they have txnids in add request. (PL-25560)




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