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Method Updates - November 20, 2020

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Editable grids - Changed the way dropdowns work so you can now see the full text for options in the menu, instead of truncating.
  • Rest API - Support aggregate functions (count, sum, average, min, max, distinct count, group by)


  • Date time picker - Fixed issue where the populated value was not appearing on Firefox.
  • Editable grids - Fixed a bug with adding a dropdown based off the Users table to a grid.
  • Editable grids - Fixed issue with the View Selected Records link when selecting records.
  • Time Zone - Fixesd issue where time zone was not saving the first time the user clicks save.
  • Profile System Page - Bug fix for profile where if user does not have a last name then Profile photo does not upload on first save. 
  • Emails - Fix to 'Retry' feature for unsent/bounced emails. 




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