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Method Updates - December 4th, 2020

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Automated Emails - Sender of automated emails from Method can now be set via the Email From field on Email Templates.. (PL-29606)
  • Transaction Notification Emails - Better handling of international and multi-currency scenarios.. (Pl-30086)
  • New/Edit Donation - Update Process Payment logic for Errors. (PL-30270)
  • Editable Grids - Improved behavior of the header checkbox.. (PL-29497)
  • New/Edit Payment - Display gateway response message when processing a payment. (PL-30249)
  • QuickBooks Desktop - New improved designs on the onboarding sync screen. (PL-30210)


  • New/Edit Purchase Order - Improved handling of the Customer dropdown's default value on the line item grid.. (PL-29506)
  • Multi-Tenancy - Issues with inserting cross tenant records when using Display values. (PL-29921)
  • Multi-Tenancy - Fixed an error that some users were facing - "Sequence contains no matching element". (PL-30320)
  • Payments - Fixed issue where a blank customer record was created while saving payment information (QBO Payments). (PL-29669)
  • Cases app - Added logic to prevent error messages if the user has deleted some stock dropdown options.. (pl-26688)
  • Import/Export Tool - Fixed an issue with importing. (PL-30319)
  • Import/Export Tool - Unable to update items. Error: "This Name is already in use". (PL-30271)
  • Import/Export Tool - Fixed issue with using 'AssignedTo' field when importing. (PL-30325)




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