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Method Updates - January 18th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Accessibility - Platform level color palette update. (PL-29747)


  • Payments - PaymentMethod field is assigned from PaymentTransactionLog. (PL-27401)
  • Editable Grid - Fixed some bugs with the selection checkbox column. (PL-29436)
  • Activities Grid Export - Fixed an issue where exporting the grid to a CSV file was including HTML code. (PL-29684)
  • Attachments - Fixed an issue where the Email checkbox was not correctly being copied to new records. (PL-29259)
  • Payments - Fixes issue where PayPal gateway does not log a payment in method despite processing the payment properly. (PL-30510)
  • Attachments - Fixed an issue with sending emails with attachments. (PL-30829)
  • Picture - Fixed an issue where images were not appearing properly, instead appearing as along string of text in some scenarios. (PL-30851)
  • New/Edit Sales Receipt (QBO Global) - Removed default value of 1 for Qty on line item editable grid (for consistency with all other line item grids). (PL-17091)
  • Fixed a multi tenancy issue where records were not being inserted into the specified tenant. . (PL-30794)
  • Fix an issue where iOS 14 users were not able to scroll when using Google Chrome browser on their iPhones. (PL-30527)




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