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Method Updates - January 25th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • App Ribbons - Accessibility improvements. (PL-30399)
  • Call Web Service action - Added new content types. (PL-30144)
  • Picture Component - Accessibility improvements. (PL-30722)


  • Tags - Fix for existing tags that were no longer visible in the taglist component. (PL-30876)
  • Icons - Fix for small subset of app icons are not visible on nav bar. (PL-30534)
  • Picture Field - Fixed a slight issue with the display of the uploader menu. (PL-30120)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed a bug with the safety logic in place to prevent users from deleting fields that have been used on screens. (PL-28803)
  • Permission - Fixes error on accessing apps - multiple accounts affected. (PL-30940)
  • Picture Component - Fixes menu spelling error "Link form Web". (PL-30939)
  • Field Services - Support description-only lines on Work Orders (e.g. when converting from Estimate). (PL-29828)
  • Work Orders - Fixes issues where deleting recurrences does not bring you back to list view. (PL-22459)




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