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Method Updates - February 3rd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Proposals - Added logic to leverage Edit and Delete permissions. (PL-24417)
  • App Routine - Pop-up confirmation added when deleting a draft. (PL-30351)
  • Invoices - Added logic so the Bill Email now appears in QuickBooks for invoices that were created in Method. (PL-30996)
  • Estimates - Added logic so the Bill Email now appears in QuickBooks for estimates that were created in Method. (PL-30995)
  • Work Orders - Create Invoice buttons consider BillEmail field. (PL-30997 )
  • Checkboxes - Accessibility improvements(PL-30758)
  • Proposals - Invoices consider BillEmail field. (PL-30998)
  • Report & Print Template System Page - Redesigned screen with an improved user experience. (PL-30715)


  • Reports - Fixes to reports including charts. (PL-29829)
  • Guest Payment - Fixed an issue where customers making payments through the portal resulted in a sync conflict in some rare scenarios. (PL-26161)
  • Reports - Fixes tables and fields corruption, missing fields in report designer. (PL-31083)
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Orders not syncing properly from QBO to Method. (PL-29109)
  • Report Designer - Browser Tab displays template title. (PL-28646)
  • Items app - Added validation logic to prevent the use of ":" in item names. (PL-29804)
  • New Contact screen - Made spacing in the field labels consistent. (PL-27472)




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