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Method Updates - February 9th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


    • Purchase Order Reports - Fixed issue where one graph was excluding the first day of the month (QBO Global only). (PL-31090)
    • App Ribbons - Changed sorting to ensure Activity lists are sorted in descending order by DueDateStart. (PL-30501)
    • Web to Lead New/Edit Form - Changed the prefilled text in the Redirect to URL field from "http" to "https". (PL-29408)
    • Fixed an issue with advanced search freezing scrolling on iPads. (PL-30966)
    • Emails - Wrong date range filter on View Sent Emails (Beta) displays 1900 as the current year. (PL-30449)
    • Print Templates - Print buttons on transaction screens default to latest stock template if no preference is selected. (Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders). (PL-31102)
    • Payments App Ribbon Panel - Fixed slight issues with padding on screen. (PL-30801)
    • Date Time Picker - Improved the widget so changing the display format automatically leads to an appropriate change of the picker as well. (PL-30838)
    • Date Time Picker - Fixed issue where setting the display format as "Year" would display Month-Year. (PL-30837)
    • Editable Grids - Fixed issues with column header alignments when grids included button columns. (PL-30835)
    • Editable Grids - Fixed issue where user had to click twice into a dropdown to action it. (PL-30756)
    • Picture Widget - Fixed issues with some of the configuration options in screen designer. (PL-26985)
    • New/View Sales Rep screen - Disabled fields when viewing an existing record, as these cannot be updated. (PL-28972)
    • Reports System Page - All visible columns are now searchable. (PL-31144)
    • Reports System Page - Empty search now returns "No Results Found" message. (PL-31138)
    • Reports - Fixes error related to detail tables for reports based on custom tables. (PL-31170)
    • Improve AWS Security. (PL-31123)
    • Fixed a bug where certain Keyboard Special characters were not accepted in setting a password. (PL-31151)




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