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Method Updates - February 24th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Radio Button - Accessibility improvements. (PL-30627)
  • Dialog component - Accessibility improvements. (PL-30946)
  • Reports System Page - Display 'Copy to an account' feature to all users. (PL-31054)
  • Field Services - Field Technician Discount. (PL-30895)


  • New Contact screen - Added logic to prevent users from creating sub-customers with different currencies than their associated parent customer. (PL-31209)
  • New Contact screen - Validation of the First Name field is now handled during Save instead of when you click out of the field. (PL-27411)
  • Fix to remove extra spaces from Entity Name in QBDT accounts (on insert only) which was causing duplicates in Method and sync conflicts. (PL-30932)
  • Date Time Picker - Fixed issue where users were unable to Tab out of the component. (PL-31229)
  • App Ribbons - Fixed issue with customizing a panel list screen for a custom app leading to a blank white screen in screen designer. (PL-30803)
  • Date Time Picker - Setting the display format as Year would display as Month-Year. (PL-30837)
  • Date Time Picker - Changing the display format didn't always lead to an appropriate change of the picker as well. (PL-30838)
  • Editable Grids - Removing the Required validation rule from a field in a table still didn't allow removing it from an existing editable grid column. (PL-30471)
  • Contacts app - Improved screen validation to prevent the user from assigning a currency to a child customer that is different from the parent's currency. (PL-30790)
  • Case Preferences screen - Improved screen validation logic. (PL-30250)
  • Bills List screen - Added the Due Date column for the Overdue view filter. (PL-22806)
  • App Ribbons - Improved logic on our screens to make sure Activities linked to a transaction which is linked to an Opportunity does properly display on the Opportunity's app ribbon. (PL-22316)
  • Customer Portal - Portal link email now says Sign In Code for Company Name rather than URL name. (PL-31261)
  • Merge Contacts and Entities - Updated the QBO versions of the screen so merging from a Lead to a Customer or Vendor is now supported. (PL-31162)
  • Portal Payments - ACH and Bank transfers marked PENDING will be considered successful to provide a smooth checkout experience for end-customers. (PL-31295)
  • Sign in - Prompt to Link account when user tries to sign in to account created with Google. (PL-31357)




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