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Method Updates - March 10th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Charts - Accessibility Improvements. (PL-30553)
  • Field Services - Work Orders app is required before installing Field Crew app. (PL-31149)


  • Sync Conflicts page - Added ability to see more than the first 10 fields in Record Details grid. (PL-31198)
  • Sync Conflicts page - Going back to the Sync Conflicts Page from the Sync Conflicts Details page now retains the page you were on in the list. (PL-31197)
  • Sync Conflicts page - Fixed the Select All Records grid option. (PL-24792)
  • Gmail Sidebar - Fixed an issue with adding attachments to Method through the Sidebar. (PL-31429)
  • Unable to scroll using up/down arrows from the keyboard. (PL-30869)
  • (Firefox) vs other browsers: shift+tab after entering app via left nav brings focus back to app. (PL-30669)
  • Sync Conflicts Page - Select All Records Does not work (no longer works). (PL-31515)
  • Sync Conflicts Page - Back button navigates grid, rather than screen navigation. (PL-31514)
  • Enable/Disable Controls on Screen action - Fixed issue where enable/disable actions did not work as expected when targeting the control from which the action was triggered. (PL-31493)
  • Character Function - Fixed issue where Merge Fields function did not work properly on records in the Users table, for multi-tenant accounts. (PL-30225)
  • Button Menu - Fixed an issue where menu was not closed when tabbing away. (PL-30807)
  • Button Menu - Additional accessibility improvements. (PL-30926)
  • Validate Controls on Screen action - Now supports validation of dropdown fields. (PL-20603)
  • Multi-currency - Minor improvements and bug fixes on stock transaction screens. (PL-29373)
  • Activity List - Improved formatting of the Due Date End column. (PL-31492)
  • SaaSphalt - SaaSphalt app is required before installing SaaSphalt Crew Leader app. (PL-9228)




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