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Method Updates - March 22nd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • HTML Editor - New updated design and UI. (PL-31000)
  • Time Tracking App - Accessibility Improvements. (PL-31520)


  • Sign Up - Sign Up: Newly created account has to be displayed first on Select Account page of Sign In. (PL-536)
  • Customer Form - Remove spaces from FullName before checking for duplicates. (PL-29017)
  • HTML Editor - Not always populating as expected when creating new records in an App Ribbon panel. (PL-30970)
  • HTML Editor - Adding unnecessary paragraph tags in the source code. (PL-30802)
  • HTML Editor - Fixed issue where formatting wasn't properly saved on Preferences screens. (PL-29589)
  • HTML Editor - Unable to paste text from clipboard in some scenarios. (PL-29150)
  • HTML Editor - Unable to paste text into the editor on a mobile device. (PL-27402)
  • HTML Editor - Unsaved text gets lost when toggling between different App Ribbon tabs. (PL-27254)
  • HTML Editor - Issues using voice to text or predictive text. (PL-27233)
  • HTML Editor - Clicking into an HTML Editor does not close any previously opened dropdown menus or date time pickers. (PL-22010)
  • Activities - Fixed issue where sending an email from the New/Edit Activity screen inside an App Ribbon panel didn't properly save the activity comment. (PL-29951)
  • SaaSphalt - Not able to save changes in the Estimate About Us and Footer fields. (PL-29119)
  • Character Function - Fixes issue where merge action replaced field value by matching a string rather than full field name. (PL-19966)
  • Fixed time errors for certain timezones. (PL-31394)
  • Customer Portal - Added a warning preventing duplicate payments to invoices (issue arose due to unsynced payment). (PL-28438)




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