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Method Updates - April 5th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Editable Grids - Accessibility improvements. (PL-31311)


  • Calendar - Fixes some misaligned icons on component. (PL-19019)
  • Components - Fixes issue where multiple components had unbolded captions (text inputs, dropdowns, attachments, etc). (PL-31814)
  • Donations - Fixes issue on 'Donor Summary Letter' report generation. (PL-22054)
  • Donations - Fixes issue where Leads are automatically converted to Customers after a new donations (QBOG). (PL-24812)
  • Fixed issue with calculation of QBO Global subtotals when a discount is applied . (PL-31539)
  • HTML Editor - Stopped automatically appending http:// to URL links inserted into the editor. (PL-31793)
  • Loop Through Attachments action - Improved the action so it now works on both the general Item table and also each individual Item Type table. (PL-31445)
  • Loop Through Attachments action - Issue in multi-tenant accounts where not all attachments were being looped through for certain users. (PL-30438)
  • Text Input - Fixes issue with thousand separator setting when customizing. (PL-21974)




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