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Method Updates - April 22nd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Date Functions action - Added a new "Convert to UTC" function. (PL-31998)


  • DateTimePicker - Fixed issue where calendar does not close when tabbing away
  • Dropdown - Fixed issue where tabbing focused on x before navigating to the next component. (PL-31757)
  • Work Orders - Fixed issues where end date selection was not respected when creating a work order from the calendar. (PL-32028)
  • Edit Entity screen - Fixed an issue where the Billing and Shipping Address field captions were set to the wrong color. (PL-32077)
  • Sign Up - Fixed issue where accounts were unable to connect to QBO. (PL-32152)
  • Manage Apps - Fixed an issue in multi-tenant accounts where the screen version Set Status screen was not loading for sub-tenants. (PL-32160)
  • Attachments - Fixed an issue where some users were not able to see past the first 6 attachments for any given record. (PL-31774)
  • Go To Screen action - When using the Parameters section to populate Date/Time fields on the destination screen, date/time values would change. (PL-31664)
  • Tags - Fixed issues with tags that include apostrophes. (PL-30433)
  • Multi-tenancy - Stock screens appearing in each tenant will now respect that tenant's accounting package, instead of always defaulting to the parent tenant's accounting package. (PL-27160)
  • DateTimePicker - Fixed issue where typing and selecting dates sometimes does not save. (PL-31852)
  • DateTimePicker - Adds scrollbar to Month/Year sections. (PL-32082)




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