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Method Updates - May 14th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Payments - Updating payments marked Pending with latest status. (PL-32273)
  • Profile System Page - Removed special character limitation when resetting Password. (PL-30058)
  • Work Orders app - Added a more helpful empty state for list screens. (PL-32011)


  • Calendar - Fixed issue where events were not displayed if ActivityStatus did not have a hex color defined (like with custom statuses). (PL-32142)
  • Calendar - Fixed issue where renaming a user resulted in activities not being displayed in the calendar (required removing and re-adding resource). (PL-32319)
  • Cases App - Fix to fill the Case Status dropdown where it was blank. (PL-32381)
  • Decimal Fields - When the display format is set to 'None', a value of 0 was displayed on screen as blank. (PL-32290)
  • Purchase Order Reports - Fixed issue where POs on the last day of the month were not included in the Item Quantity chart (QBDT only). (PL-32318)
  • QBDT Sync Conflicts - Fixed an issue where users were getting an error when trying to delete a Delete From Desktop sync conflict. (PL-32409)
  • QBO Sync - Fixed an issue with syncing deleted classes. . (PL-32344)




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