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Method Updates - June 15th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


    • Portal - Certain customized controls are showing a blank Portal screen when security on Portals is enabled. (PL-32667)
    • Non admin users were able to access admin screens if they are CC'd on permissions emails. (PL-32766)
    • Calendar - Fix for displaying the wrong end time for long running activities. (PL-26766)
    • Items app - Fixed an issue with validation rules on the Item Name field being set for the incorrect character limit. (QBO only). (PL-32861)
    • QBDT sync - Fixed sync engine error "Column 'CurrencyRef' does not belong to table". (PL-32767)
    • QBDT sync - Fixed an issue where the AltContact First and Last Name were not syncing. (PL-30216)




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