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Method Updates - July 1st - 21st, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Payment Gateways - New user experience for payment integration system page. (PL-33050)
  • Tags - Accessibility improvements. (PL-32386)
  • Editable Grids - On a grid configured to show a record selection checkbox column, the column captions will no longer disappear when selecting records. (PL-32922)


  • Editable Grids - Fixed issue where pressing the Tab key from a dropdown column would navigate you back to the top of the grid. (PL-32853)
  • Grids - Fixed issue in the Manage Views panel where users would see a blank panel when trying to access the Column Visibility settings. (PL-32761)
  • Activities - Fixed issue with SMS notifications not sending. (PL-32183)
  • New/Edit Activity - Fixed an issue where the View Sent Email link was not appearing on activities where the email was sent from within an app ribbon panel. (PL-30702)
  • Audit Trail system page - Fixed issue with Table dropdown not loading in some cases. (PL-32955)
  • Audit Trail system page - Decreased padding in dropdowns. (PL-32952)
  • Subscription - Fix email request for subscription to send to admins only. (PL-32968)
  • Math Function - Fixes rounding up error. (PL-19132)
  • Mobile - Fixed jumpy system pages on iPhone. (PL-29103)
  • Platform Shell - Fixed issue where the screen was showing an incorrect title. (PL-30840)
  • Email System Page - Fix to grid search error on email history. (PL-33152)
  • Classic Import tool - Fixed a bug where newly signed up accounts are unable to access Classic import tool. (PL-33178)
  • Payments - Updated pop-up title during charge and pre-authorization processing. (PL-32936)
  • App Routine System Page - Fixes issues where routines are mistakenly labeled as deleted. (PL-33035)
  • App Routines - Fixed issue where an App Routine's new name is not immediately reflected on the schedule. (PL-33163)
  • Payments - Updates the title of the payments pop-up depending on whether the transaction is a charged vs pre-authorization. (PL-32936)
  • TagList - Fixed discoloration when updating a TagList field on screen using actions. (PL-32173)
  • Tags - Fixed issue where a tag would appear duplicated in grids after having been merged into another tag. (PL-20543)
  • Tags - Fixed an issue where tags could not be added properly if the Manage Tags panel was opened. (PL-21467)
  • Tags - Fixed an issue where a newly added tag would not immediately appear on the View Contact screen after navigating back from the Edit Contact screen. (PL-23928)
  • Manage Apps - Fixed an issue where users were able to create custom screens with a duplicate screen name. (PL-32932)
  • HTML Editor - Fixed an issue where a box/outline would appear around text when copy & pasted into MS Word. (PL-31865)
  • Show Message - Fixed an issue where the screen was freezing if a user dismissed a message pop up by clicking outside the message box. (PL-33197)
  • Transactions - Fixed issue where description-only lines were no longer supported on some transaction screens. (PL-33236)
  • Report Designer - Fixed issue where duplicating a report template did not result in viewing new copy (original remained on screen). (PL-33296)




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