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Method Updates - Aug 23rd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Actions - Fixed an issue searching within drop downs for the Call Routine and Set Focus to Control actions. (PL-27656)
  • Charts - Fixed an issue where in some scenarios, records were included in the wrong date due to timezone conversion miscalculations. (PL-33439)
  • DateTimePicker & Tags component - FIxed issue that incorrectly displayed clickable cursor on captions. (PL-32778)
  • Designer - Fixed an issue where all accounting package screen versions were visible within the designer instead of just the current accounting package. (PL-13538)
  • Designer - Fixed an issue where version notes would be cleared after a screen has been made live. (PL-33130)
  • Editable grids - Fixed an issue where in one specific scenario new lines attempted to be added to the grid were not properly being saved. (PL-33648)
  • Manage Apps - Fixed an issue where it was possible to redirect a screen to itself causing an infinite loop. (PL-32621)
  • Multi-tenancy - Fixed an issue where the TenantID field could not be saved as empty and would always revert back to the current tenant. (PL-33415)




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