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Method Updates - Sep 10th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • App Routines System Page - Routine schedules are now sorted by the Next Run Date. (PL-33227)


  • Designer - Fixed issue where version notes were not being cleared when creating a new version. (PL-33905)
  • Designer - Fixed issue with values not being saved in actions when changing between field types (Text, Action Result, Etc). (PL-33831)
  • Report Designer - Fixed bug where customizers were not able to access reports. (PL-33923)
  • Report Designer - Fixed bug where users were not taken to new report when duplicating. (PL-33886)
  • Report Designer - Fixed bug that did not allow saving a report without a description. (PL-33885)
  • Report Designer - Fixed bug that did not respect new name when copying reports. (PL-33589)
  • Donor Pages - Fix for wrong default value for Internal Notification email template in QuickBooks Desktop Donor Page accounts. (PL-33955)
  • Process Payment Action - Fixes issue where a set value appears as editable. (PL-32954)
  • App Routines - Fixed issue where disabled routines appeared. (PL-33963)
  • Transactions- Creating Transactions for Customer Lead Causes Error with 'Prepare for accounting' Action. (PL-33993)




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