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Method Updates - September 22nd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


    • Multi-Tenant - Fixed issue with main tenant logo being displayed instead of sub-tenant on reports. (PL-32087)
    • Dropdowns - Fixed an issue with dropdown menu placement on an editable grids with a horizontal scroll bar. (PL-33788)
    • Attachments - Fixed an issue where the attachments widget appeared in front of an open dropdown menu. (PL-33906)
    • Activity Reminders - Fixed an issue where toggling "cause reminder" on an Activity Status did not update existing activities with that status. (PL-33769)
    • Check Permissions Action - Fixed an issue where the select a permission dropdown was not showing any available actions for custom apps. (PL-33402)
    • Tables & Fields - Fix to show the Class field in QBO accounts (now shows in Export, Report Designer, etc.). (PL-31180)
    • Gmail Sidebar - Fix to use CompanyName as the entity name if it exists instead of FirstName + LastName. (PL-23356)




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