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Method Updates - October 14th 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Email System Page - Fixes issues with search in Sent Emails screen. (PL-34310)
  • Screen Designer - Fixed an issue where an error message would appear saying the screen has already been published when just viewing a button's actions in read-only mode. (PL-34267)
  • Error Handling - Improved, more descriptive error message when trying to navigate to a record that doesn't exist or to which the user doesn't have access to. (PL-23569)
  • Show Message - Fixed an issue where action sets would get interrupted due to the user dismissing a show message by clicking outside the box. (PL-34250)
  • App Routines - Fixed an issue where attachments were not sent via the Send Email action if it was in an app routine set to run in the background. (PL-34007)
  • Update Fields in Table action - Fixed an issue where all records in the table got updated if the user did not specify any criteria. (PL-33883)
  • Email System Page - Fixes merge field issues in the body of Test email. (PL-18093)
  • Proposals - Fixes issue where screens would not load due to an 'Error Retrieving Value from Table' message. (PL-34030)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed incorrect modal title when deleting a table. (PL-34281)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed issue with column preferences resetting when paging. (PL-34280)
  • Tables & Fields - Added tooltips for grid buttons. (PL-34279)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed issue with grid views not maintaining their view when navigating back. (PL-34277)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixed issue with displaying incorrect time zone on the grids. (PL-34275)




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