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Method Updates - Oct 22nd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Sync conflicts page (QBDT) - Added a button to ‘unlink’ LinkToTxn conflicts that occur when an invoice has an invalid link to a sales order. (PL-34307)
  • Error Message - Now shows the routine name that an error is generated from. (PL-34269)
  • Error Message - Now shows the updated action names as seen in the action editor. (PL-34268)
  • Error Messages - Actions are now displayed as nested. (PL-34270)


  • Invoice Reports - Fixes an issue on the Subtotal by Customer and Invoice by Customer charts, where clicking one of the bars in the chart would not properly filter the grid at the bottom of the screen. (PL-34147)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixes an issue that allows users to delete a custom field that is used on a screen. (PL-34402)
  • Designer - Fixeds bug with screen properties being editable when the screen is read-only. (PL-34266)
  • Payments - Fixes intermittent issue where gateway generated an error when using 'u.s.a.' as a country. (PL-34445)
  • Public Pages - Removes light grey bottom section from public pages like the Donor Page. (PL-34443)
  • Reports - Fixes issue where in some scenarios an older version of a logo was being displayed when generating reports. (PL-34427)
  • Tables & Fields - Fixes an issue where in some cases changing a table description would set the created date to the current date and time. (PL-34276)




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