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Method Updates - October 26th, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Tables & Fields - Fixes issue where users with customizer access could not access the system page. (PL-34386)
  • Tables & Fields - Updated the export function to download only the filtered list instead of the entire tables or fields list. (PL-34285)
  • Tables & Fields - Added validation to not allow field names with leading underscores. (PL-34283)
  • Global search - Fixed the colors of the contact avatars to mimic the behavior seen on the Contact List instead of all appearing with the same color. (PL-34083)
  • Editable grid - Fixed a few minor visual bugs when viewed on mobile. (PL-33249)
  • HTML editor - Fixed an issue where the user would get an invalid error message when trying to insert certain images in the editor. (PL-34398)
  • Editable grid - Fixed an issue where the left border was not appearing in some scenarios. (PL-33382)
  • Donor Pages - Fixes issue with the "Download your receipt" button after submitting a donation. (PL-34418)
  • Mobile - Fixed the click areas on mobile to be larger. (PL-23840)
  • Components - fixes an issue where numerical values referenced from components lost decimal pointts. (PL-34458)




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