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Method Updates - November 2nd, 2021

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Manage Tags - Updated design for the side panel. (PL-32904 )


  • Manage Tags - Fixed an issue where there wasn't enough padding between the cancel button and input field when merging a tag on an iOS device. (PL-21069)
  • Manage Tags - Fixed issue where changing the color of a tag on mobile would display additional invalid icons. (PL-31769)
  • Manage Tags - Fixed some icon and navigation issues when editing a tag in the Manage Tags side panel on mobile. (PL-31773)
  • New Case screen - Fixed an issue where the "Add New" link was missing in the dropdowns on screen. (PL-33574)
  • New/Edit Activity screen - Fixed an issue where the activity type auto-follow-up logic was not correctly calculating the follow-up due date when changing the due date of the initial activity. (PL-34197)
  • New/Edit Invoice screen (QBO Global) - Fixed an issue with the logic when changing or adding items where the tax code was not properly populated. (PL-33938)
  • Sync conflicts (QBDT) - Removed 'Unlink sales order' from bill conflicts. (PL-34514)
  • Sync conflicts (QBDT) - Unlink sales order - Minor updates on the confirmation message. (PL-34534)




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