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Method Updates- May 6, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Donations - Implemented the address look up component. (PL-34951)
  • Work Orders - 'All time' date range filter. (PL-35860)
  • Work Orders - Buttons menus add shortcuts to Save & Back and Complete & Back. (PL-35704)
  • Work Orders & Field Crew - Display all line items to remove need to pagination. (PL-36528)


  • Estimate Reports - Fixed an issue where the reports weren't being filtered properly when leaving the screen and coming back to it. (PL-35782)
  • Estimates - Fixes issue where a work order was created without an End Date. (PL-36429)
  • Left nav - Fixed issue with spacing of "more apps" section. (PL-36557)
  • New/Edit Activity - Slight improvements to the Create follow up activity section so a new follow up activity doesn't get created each time you open and click save on the original activity. (PL-29950)
  • Work Orders - Fixes issue where recurrence component was still visible when clicking Save & New. (PL-36521)
  • Work Orders - Improved error handling when routing work orders. (PL-35945)




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