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Method Updates - May 18th, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Work Orders - Navigate directly to invoice if only one is being created from the work order list screen. (PL-36531)


  • Attachments Widget - Fixed issue where the file would get corrupted during the upload process in some rare scenarios. (PL-36571)
  • Update Fields in Table - Fixed issue in multi tenant accounts when attempting to update the TenantID field to blank would update it to 0 instead. (PL-36383)
  • Designer - Fixed issue where leading numbers on components were not being shown in action editor. (PL-36124)
  • Designer - Fixed issue with jump to reference feature where newly added components were not working. (PL-36032)
  • Calendar - Removed times from All Day Events on Month View. (PL-36602)
  • Invite User - Fixed issue where attempting to invite a new user on mobile would cause a white screen. (PL-36382)
  • App Ribbons - Fixed an issue where clicking a grid's settings icon in a 1/3 app ribbon panel was causing a blank white screen. (PL-36628)
  • App Ribbon - Fixed an issue where app ribbon screens were not being displayed properly when viewed on mobile. (PL-36629)




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