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Method Updates - June 16th, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Calendar - Improvements to the tile colors and the ability to set full tile color. (PL-36589)
  • Import - Launched new import experience. (PL-36928)
  • Multi-tenancy - Main tenant under the list of tenants is now redirected to user list . (PL-36731)
  • Multi-tenancy- Improved user experience for existing users given access to other tenant accounts. (PL-36773)
  • Invoices, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders - Improved experience/error message when attempting to send the transaction via email but no contacts have an email address on file. (PL-36794)


  • Editable Grids - Fixed an issue where the grid was not being displayed properly in 1/3 app ribbon panels. (PL-36633)
  • Editable Grids - Fixed an issue where Card Columns were incorrectly displaying RecordID fields in a date format. (PL-36513)
  • Proposals - Fixed an issue where the Pay button was hidden after a failed payment. (PL-36768)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue where in some scenarios, the calendar would not load. (PL-36922)
  • App Routine - Fixed an issue where scheduled app routines were not getting reassigned to an active user. (PL-36659)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue where users could not move events between resources. (PL-36986)
  • Performance - Fixed an issue where Method would get progressively slower as it was used throughout the day. (PL-36888)
  • Invite Users - Improved speed/performance when adding a new user on accounts with 40+ users
  • Email Campaigns - Fixed an issue where the Review & Send screen would show invalid numbers in the “email usage” section for accounts using their own email servers. (PL-36656)
  • Dashboard - Fixed error in reload, remove and add after new changes in GridReadOnly object. (PL-36994)
  • Outlook Gadget - General fixes and improvements to the New/Edit Case screen in the Gadget. (PL-36841)
  • Invoices - Fixed an issue where an error message was appearing for QBO Global users after emailing an invoice. (PL-37043)




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