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Method Updates- June 17, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Action Editor - Improved the color of actions highlighted using the "jump to reference" feature. (PL-35031)


  • Xero - Fixed an issue where customer name was being mapped to contact name. (PL-37001)
  • Editable Grid - Fixed an issue where linked fields incorrectly triggered a validation error when Saving. (PL-36876)
  • Multi-tenancy - Fixed billing system error when creating tenant through classic (M:C). (PL-36984)
  • Import - Fixed an issue where import failed on the Firefox map fields screen. (PL-37027)
  • Import - Fixed grammar issue on the "Choose data" screen. (PL-37020)
  • Import - Fixed an issue where the screen referenced an "Import" button instead of a "Next" button. (PL-37019)
  • Import - Fixed an issue where navigating to classic import was not opening in a new tab. (PL-37017)
  • Tables and Fields - Fixed an issue where exporting table failed with a 400 error. (PL-36998)
  • Activities - Fixed an issue where the Reports link on the Activity List screen was gray instead of blue. (PL-36933)




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