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Method Updates - July 12th, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Action Editor - Improved the "Jump to reference" feature to the first referenced action. (PL-36015)
  • Google Calendar - Method:New Google Calendar connection using correct server and not dependent on sign-in. (PL-37038)
  • Transaction Apps - Address lookup component added to the billing and shipping address sections of the New/Edit Estimate, Invoice, Sales Order, and Sales Receipt screens. (PL-37029)


  • App Ribbon - Fixed an issue where the "More" menu items could get overlapped by an HTML Editor on screen. (PL-37081)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue where the event card was not following the display setting. (PL-37170)
  • Items - Fixed an issue with syncing items on Xero accounts. (PL-37269)
  • Manage Apps - Fixed an issue where deleting a screen was displaying an error message when you navigated back to it. (PL-37228)
  • QBO - Fixed an issue where inactive customer types in QuickBooks still show as active in Method. (PL-37226)
  • Sync engine- Fixed an issue where the sync engine was throwing an invalid column name error for ListID. (PL-36573)




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