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Method Updates - October 25th, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates


    • Attachments - Fixed an issue where files with a '~' character in the name could not be opened. (PL-38346)
    • Charts - Fixed an issue with charts that occasionally caused screens to freeze.(PL-38481)
    • Dashboard- Fixed an issue where the saved app order was not preserved when installing new apps to the account. (PL-37944)
    • Dropdowns - Fixed an issue where the last option in a dropdown menu was inaccessible on mobile. (PL-38033)
    • Invoices - Fixed an issue where Xero users could modify partially-paid invoices, resulting in a sync conflict. (PL-37531)
    • QuickBooks Desktop - Fixed issue causing eerrors on the "LinktoTxn" field. (PL-38327)
    • Tables and Fields - Fixed an issue where the linked field was not showing the correct linked table name. (PL-38411)
    • Transactions - Fixed an issue on iPad where changing the Rate for a line item would not automatically update the Amount. (PL-38084)




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