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Method Updates - November 23rd, 2022

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Advanced Search - Fixed an issue preventing use of advanced search for tags with apostrophes. (PL-38607)
  • Email - Fixed an issue where emails were failing to send for some accounts using gmail server. (PL-38841)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue on Safari Mobile browser where the user was not able to access the button menu on Event Card. (PL-38741)
  • Calendar - Fixed an issue where text on an Event Card title would overlap the close icon. (PL-38716)
  • Send Email App - Fixed an issue where Aria-hidden attributes were not correct on left navigation menu. (PL-38837)
  • Grids - Fixed an issue where numbers in decimal fields were being truncated. (PL-38848)
  • Contacts - Fixed an issue where email addresses with an underscore or other special characters at the beginning were flagged as invalid. (PL-38654)
  • Calendar - Fixed an Event Card issue where instructions were not inline with the corresponding caption. (PL-38642)




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