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Method Updates- January 27, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Proposals & Donations - Updated the tab styles' height and padding on the screen. (PL-39524)


  • Activity type - Fixed an issue with enabling "Cause reminder". (PL-39576)
  • Multi-tenancy- Fixed an issue where user permissions weren't modifiable to access the head tenant when they were invited first to the subtenant. (PL-39376)
  • Mapping Functions - Fixed an issue where the mapping functions action returned the wrong address in some scenarios. (PL-39513)
  • Transactions - Fixed an issue where creating a new line item with a QTY field equal to or less than 0 resulted in an error. . (PL-39585)
  • Transactions - Fixed an issue where leaving the Date required field blank and trying to change the Customer selected in the Customer dropdown resulted in an error. . (PL-39577)




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