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Method Updates - April 18th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method


  • Editable Grids - Fixed an issue where changes entered in text columns were not always being saved on some tablets. (PL-40432)
  • Validation Rules - Fixed an issue where validation rules applied to decimal fields would not work. (PL-40128)
  • Xero - Fixed an issue with tax rates which prevented sync from completing. (PL-40632)
  • Display settings - Fixed an issue where saving uploaded log for the first time was resulting in an error. (PL-40648)
  • Import tool - Fixed an issue where fields were auto converted that were not meant to be converted. (PL-39880)
  • Import tool - Fixed an issue where last name field was mapping without the field actually being present on the file. (PL-37231)




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