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Method Updates - Sept 11th, 2023

The following updates are now live for users of Method

New Features / Updates

  • Items - Added a 'Save' button for item creation. (PL-42593)
  • Items - Added a button to make an item Active or Inactive on item creation. (PL-42364)


  • Buttons - Fixed an issue where borders were not displayed on hover. (PL-18987)
  • Buttons - Fixed an issue with border colors not displaying correctly. (PL-36610)
  • Invoices Preferences - Fixed a typo in the preferences description. (PL-42683)
  • Send Email - Fixed an issue where users were able to create a template with a body of more than 3200 characters. (PL-42646)
  • Contacts - Exposed the IsTaxable and Tax Exemption Reason on Stock screens to make this information readily available and improve user experience. (PL-42203)
  • Time Tracking - Fixed an issue to not show the Bulk Actions button when there are no available actions. (PL-42744)




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